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What makes a Powerline Bull?

We strive to source superior bulls with convenience traits and added performance that are structurally correct and masculine in their make-up. These sires have been genetically designed to produce feeder cattle that are fast growing and feed efficient with carcass merit. 


Why SimAngus?

The concept of heterosis, or cross breeding, has been around for decades, and that has always been one of the selling points of a PLG bull.  Our selection criteria has led us to be predominantly Simmental and Angus.  We feel this breed combination allows for the most ideal product both in a cow herd and in a feed yard.  We are able to combine maternal characteristics, growth and performance with advantages in carcass traits. 


Where are Powerline Genetics' EPDs generated from?

The multipliers with Powerline Genetics have enrolled their cow herds with the American Simmental Association (ASA) which allows for EPDs to be generated on PLG bulls.  Once DNA has been collected and submitted, Genomically Enhanced (GE) EPDs become available on those animals which helps to improve the accuracy of the genotypes.  This allows bull buyers to compare PLG bulls to any other Simmental bulls around the country.


Why does PLG market PAP tested bulls?

Pulmonary Arterial Pressure Measurement (PAP) tested bulls are a unique market for us. This group of potential sires is sent out to Laramie, WY for about 30 days where they are exposed to an elevation of more than 7,000 feet.   A bull with an exceptional score has added value because in order to breed cows in this type of environment he has to be able to survive it.  Not all genetics are able to do that.  We have also found this is an incredibly heritable trait.  Consequently, our PAP tested bulls that are used generate offspring that can handle higher altitudes whether they become replacement heifers, or go to the feed yards in Colorado.

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