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2022 Herd Bulls

PLG Rising Power 218.jpg

JDA PLG Rising Power 218

It is truly exciting to see the progeny of our past sale features surface time and time again. That being said, 218 is the best Rising Power son we have offered to date. He stands out amongst his contemporaries with his advantage in muscle and power. He offers a terminally driven genotype with above average ultrasound data, as well as a phenotype you can't help but be drawn to. Limited semen available through Powerline Genetics. 3867545
Purchased by Greg & Rita Marintzer

Adj. BW: 84  Adj. WW: 827. Adj. YW: 1354  MARB: 3.93  REA: 15.70
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Right Here 355.jpg

MCC-PLG Right Here 355

New to the sale lineup this year were the Right Now sons. If a person was putting a pen of bulls together for the National Western, these were the ones to do it with. Right Here was the most maternal oriented of the group. We love his design and center body. Great disposition with an advantage in performance. Out of an MAR Innovation daughter.
Semen available through Powerline Genetics. 3968809

Purchased by Grazers

Adj. BW: 84  Adj. WW: 759. Adj. YW: 1369  MARB: 4.13  REA: 13.60

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PLG Impact 21-270.jpg

MCC-PLG Sheridan 270

Sheridan is one of 3 full sibs that sold in March. He is an LCDR Impact son out of IR MS Geneva X200. This mating knocked it out of the park in terms of performance and power. Sheridan lands in the top 1% of the breed for weaning weight, yearling weight and milk. He is sure to add pounds to his offspring.  3968770
Purchased by Lienemann Farms

Adj. BW: 77  Adj. WW: 622. Adj. YW: 1432  MARB: 3.55  REA: 15.50
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MCC-PLG Front Runner 262

Front Runner is a half blood sired by CDI Innovator that possess a unique phenotype and a well balanced genotype. He is long spined, super extended through his front 1/3, stout hipped, big topped, and good footed.   3968694
Purchased by Rains Simmentals

Adj. BW: 79  Adj. WW: 746. Adj. YW: 1314  MARB: 1.99  REA: 18.46
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PLG Favor 21-493.jpg

MCC-PLG Favor 493

This Favor son had several fans leading up to sale time. He is the epitome of cool. He's correct in his lines and build, sound when he travels, stout when you get behind him, and he offers a great look from the side.   3968734

Adj. BW: 84  Adj. WW: 727. Adj. YW: 1226  MARB: 3.67  REA: 13.58
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PLG Favor 21-330.jpg

MCC-PLG Quid Pro Quo 330

Quid is a neat beast that has a lot to offer. He lands in the top 1% of the breed for carcass weight, top 2% for weaning, yearling, and maternal weaning weight, top 4% for ADG, and the top 10% for docility and ribeye. With numbers like that, he is sure to sire high quality cattle to put on feed as well as powerful females to retain. 3968688
Purchased by Lienemann Farms

Adj. BW: 95  Adj. WW: 778. Adj. YW: 1340  MARB: 2.66  REA: 14.25
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Reference Sires


Rising Power.jpg

GLS PLG Rising Power (611) was our lead off bull and high seller in the 2019 sale season.  He was purchased by Meyring Cattle Co and Heath Wills.  Rising Power combines an exceptional EPD profile with style and look.  We couldn't be more excited about how well his progeny are turning out.  They are good looking cattle with sound feet and legs, extension through their front 1/3, depth and spring of rib, solid on paper, AND they scan well.  They the ground weighing less than 90, and they easily meet our performance expectations every time. They have been popular within our market due to the fact that they offer exceptional value to the commercial cattleman and his operation. 3435650

PLG Rising Power 20-401.jpg


PLG Rising Power 20-410.jpg


PLG Rising Power 20-597.jpg



PLG Eagle 20-228.1.jpg
PLG Eagle 20-228.jpg

Power Ball is the Hook's Eagle son that has the potential to truly be a game changer within our industry. He combines the things we love to see in a herd bull - muscle shape, power, performance, and look in a sound functional package with solid figures as well as low birthweight and a giant REA. His first sons will be selling in 2023!  3702548

Homo Black & Homo Polled

Adj. BW: 77   Adj. WW: 825   Adj. YW: 1495   MARB: 3.48   REA: 18.24

Semen is available through Powerline Genetics and Ron Gilliland of California.

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When you look at Powerweight (488), you automatically think "cow maker." His length of body and depth and spring of rib is phenomenal. His daughters are going to be big middled and the easy keeping kind. Powerweight is ideal in his foot and bone, and he really gets out and reaches to cover some serious ground.  He ran with 25 cows his first breeding season and got them all bred.  3580430

Homo Black & Homo Polled

Adj. BW: 91  Adj. WW: 786  Adj. YW: 1549  MARB: 4.58  REA: 13.45

Semen is available through Powerline Genetics and Wendell Cattle Co.
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JHW PLG Power Point

JHW PLG Powerpoint is a half blood Simmental bull sired by Leachman Prophet and out of a Net Merit cow raised by Joe and Hannah Wendell.  He was purchased by Stan Sears in the February Arapahoe Sale in 2019.  JD and Joe each leased back 292 to cover their spring calving cows.   Extraordinary phenotype with outstanding performance data and EPDs.  The cattleman's kind with moderate birth weight and structural correctness.   3482608

PLG Powerpoint 20-304.jpg


PLG Powerpoint 423.jpg


PLG Powerpoint 430.jpg



PLG Eagle 20-232.jpg

Eagle Eye is a "horse" of a different color.  He is sired by the popular Hook's Eagle and out of a VAR Generation cow.  You cannot design a bull to be more correct in terms of structure and style.  A true female maker with 12 EPDs in the top 25% of the breed and over a 5 for marbling.  Progeny reports are coming in, and his first sons will be selling in the 2023 sale season.  3702543

Homo Black & Homo Polled

Adj. BW: 81   Adj. WW: 839   Adj. YW: 1362   MARB: 5.41   REA: 14.50

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