Powerline 2020 Sire Groups

CCR Cowboy Cut 5048Z

CCR Cowboy Cut is one of those bulls that has come along and greatly influenced the industry.  A purebred sire who works great to generate that SimAngus bull we strive to market in our program.  The cattle offer versatility for the commercial cow man who wants to retain females or sell weaned calves in the fall.  We appreciate the Cowboy Cut sons for their phenotype and exceptional figures on paper.

TJ Franchise 451D 

2020 was the first sale season for the Franchise bulls in our program, and we were greatly impressed.  They are moderate, deep and bold in their rib shape and super sound.  The set on the ground for the 2021 sale season are going to be tough to beat. 

CCR Stockman 8033E 

The CCR Stockman sire group was solid this year.  There was consistency from top to bottom, and we feel they will generate fault free functional calves that can be utilized in a number of scenarios.  

W/C United 956Y

Uniteds are the carcass kind!  Stout made with big ribeyes.  This bull stamps his progeny making them easy to spot in the pens. The program has marketed numerous sons of this sire, and we anticipate a group of them coming in for the 2021 sale season.

Purebred Simmental Sired Bulls

This year's offering provided some unique purebred and high percent Simmental genetics.  These bulls collectively were impressive to look at and will generate some phenomenal daughters.  

Angus Sired Bulls

We market a select group of Angus sired bulls to provide our customers genetic options for their programs.  These guys offer power and shape with carcass merit.  The neat thing is this - these guys are out of females sired by our go to bulls like CCR Cowboy Cut 5048Z and W/C United 956Y.  


Calf reports on this Executive Order son purchased by Jay Meyring and Heath Wills in 2019 are coming in!  Calves hit the ground under 90 pounds and are performing nicely.  GLS PLG Rising Power (611) was our lead off bull and high seller in the 2019 sale season.  611 combines an exceptional EPD profile with style and look.  Watch for Rising Power sons in the 2021 Powerline sale lineup!  ASA #3435650.


292 is a half blood Simmental bull sired by Leachman Prophet and out of a Net Merit cow raised by Joe and Hannah Wendell.  He was purchased by Stan Sears in the February Arapahoe Sale in 2019.  JD and Joe each leased back 292 to cover their spring calving cows.   Extraordinary phenotype with outstanding performance data and EPDs.  The cattleman's kind with moderate birth weight and structural correctness.   ASA #3482608

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