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Joe Wendell & Family

Joe and Hannah Wendell have been raising cattle together west of Bertrand, Nebraska for close to 15 years. They grew up in families that ran cow/calf operations and have always possessed a passion for the industry.  Now, along with their two children, Dylan and Ashlyn they strive to produce high-performing, low-maintenance, and docile cattle.
Joe's family started with the original Power Genetics program in the late 90's, and now he and Hannah maintain that partnership by sending their bulls to Powerline.  They calve during the heart of winter in January and February.  It is essential that their calves come unassisted and "hit the ground running."  They grow quickly and excel at weaning time.    Powerline bulls sourced from the Wendells are geared for the first Arapahoe Sale because of their advantages in performance and power.  
Joe and Hannah continue to buy back bulls from their own operation through the Powerline Sales, which testifies to the quality they raise as well as their belief in the PLG program.  All of their steers and non-replacement females are fed out at Anderson Livestock and marketed through Power Genetics and Cargill.

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Joe, Hannah, Dylan and Ashlyn Wendell

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