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Retained Ownership 

It’s not for everyone, but should it be?

Retained ownership; it’s more than just about carcass data.  When you make the investment in a POWERLINE bull, we believe in his genomic potential to make a difference in your operation; through your POWERLINE sired calves.  Those POWERLINE sired calves not only give you premium cash flows on your ranch, but they would also provide vital information to improving your cow herd if retained and fed to maturity.


The birth to weaning phase provides the operation with convenience and basic performance data for the herd, but it’s the weaned to harvest phase that provides the ranch the chance to witness genetic changes to a mature age for better culling decisions, genetic selection, frame size, feed efficiency, herd health, and the opportunity to gain premiums on harvest quality.


The observed data will provide the insight to make much more targeted genetic changes on the ranch to allow for better selection and investment into bulls that ultimately make the overall cow herd better. The data from retained ownership gives the cattle producer the potential to know not guess on what genetics work best on the ranch, and furthermore derive the greatest premium.


When considering retained ownership, the comments usually arise that it is too risky, or the bank won’t go along with it. Valid points in both cases but continuing to blindly acquire genetics into your operation that you think might work carries long lasting effects that tend to add risk to your ranch and make the bank uneasy as well.  LEARN about the process of retained ownership and EDUCATE yourself and your lender about the BENEFITS not just the risks.


We would gladly assist you in the education of retained ownership.  At POWERLINE, we have the expertise and relationships to get you the knowledge needed to make informed retained ownership decisions.  We can discuss options of feedyards, financing, advance payments, and most importantly how you can obtain the information on your cattle to make educated genetic advancements to help improve your bottom line.


CONTACT Jeff Stagemeyer about retained ownership and feeding opportunities.

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